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Thari Mirwah is the city of love this site is dedicated to those who really want to see thari mirwah in a good and high position,who get and upgarde,discuss and post there experience.Educational Institute are working govt,and non-govt schools are runing for the Competative Circumstance,govt;Degree College Thari Mirwah Co-eduactaion system,High school separte for Girls and boys,Govt;Hospital and other private hospitals are working here,Mirwah Public School is one of the ancient school of this city and Bright future and other schools are working.


Iam very Thankful to Almighty ALLAH who gave me such a thought and power for serve and present such a beautiful gift for the beautiful loving,caring and charming peoples of thari mirwah,i know they all will be happy and in this site they will find possible  knowledge of TM,though i welcome to all of my City fellows and youth in this site must share your views experience,participate on discussion form,and post comments iam expecting this will be benefical & meaningful for the youth of TM.i must request to all Friends that it site is only for knowledge,Discussion,educational and History  and betterment of TM do not interact or use any Personal thing for any welcome my dear friends and join Your own site Thari Mirwah..

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iam really thankful to my family who support ,emphasis,encourage me and for my friends who did't belongs to Tharimirwah but encouraging and participating in this struggle,Specail thanks to Saima and Muhammed Abbass who are help me collecting Material of TM.If any friend have any knowledge and want to particapte plz join us this is form of youth and for all.


Welcome to All of You


Taluka Mirwah is the sub division of distt Khairpur Mir's Sindh and history is so ancient,Residental Race are

Dashti Baloch ( City,DatoDashti,Goth Hussain Bux Dashti,Photo khan  Dashti,Dedhanro,Hindyari,Suigas )                     SharBaloch ( City,Menghofakirshar,Rasoolpur,Hekhal,hindyari,zanwar Shahnawz Shar,Matt ) Jogi ( City,Baghbachra,Nandhi Thari,Goth Haji Alidad Jogi,Qaimshah) Bhanbhan(Tarukowado,NandhoTaruko,MulanBhanbhan ) Leghari ( City,GothShah Muhamed Leghari,HadiBux Leghari,Muhmed Achar Leghari ) Rind ( Sabr Khan Rind,Jalalani ) Lund ( Setharja,Goth WaliDad Lund,Usman Lund) Sahito ( setharja,Bala Khan Sahito,dhandhi) Kubar ( Mulan Bhanbhan,Nandho Taruka,Setharja,tarikabad kubar) Mandan ( city,Goth Mandan ) Bhatti ( city,Sawari,Suigas,Hindyari) Awan ( city,Uc Baki Khan) Mallah ( city,Bado Mallah,Aachar Mallah,Baghbachra,Suigas,Maroro,Hindyari) Channa ( Hindyari,Dedhanro,Suigas) Khashkheli ( city,Goth YarMuhamed Khashkheli,BakirKhan,Matt,Dubbi ) Soomro ( city,Dhoro,Maroro,SabharRind) Janwari ( city,Moledino Janwari,FoajAli janwari) Veesar ( Goth Abul Veesar,Dedhanro,MeharVeesar) Syed ( city,NandhiThari,Bozdar wada,Hindyari,Suigas,datoDashti) Bozdar ( Bozdar Wada City) Ansari ( City,Mandan,Goth waledino Ansari) Phul (Kharhri,kharhra) Islami( city,Hindyari,NandhiThari,Tarukowado,NadhoTaruko,Maroro) Rajper ( city,Sawari,NandhoTaruko)Sheikh ( city,Dedhanro,Goth Hussain Bux Dashti,Hekhal) Lashari (City,Goth Abul Veesar,MakhnrKhan Lashari)etc.

Thari Mirwah city of Love,prosper,caring and Charming Peoples.Hopefully all will participate and communicate with each other.Thari Mirwah is the city of Suffi's many famous Suffi's like Sohrab Fakir Of Bozdar wada,fakir Ghulam Haider Godrya of Mengho Fakir Shar,Fakir Fauld shar of Mengho Fakir Shar ( Fakir Sikander Ali Shar Gadi nasheen ).Though all sufi's have there own history will edit very soon on page wise in this site.

Note ( if any friend want to comment plz click to guestbook and left ur comment there.anf if any one have knowledge related history of  Taluka mirwah kindly email me as i can Post this knowledge thanks )Sana Baloch